Rob Mungle Versus the Invisible Ghost of Political Correctness


I sat down with the “Reverend” Rob Mungle over a Jameson. A comic who, like me, swears a lot and grew up in Deer Park, Texas. A national touring headliner , Whiskey Brother, and road veteran with a Netflix special on the way, he explains we he is not afraid of uptight, P.C. atheists nor ignorant right-wing conspiracy theorists. We had a lot to talk about.

Me: Before we talk about anything, you gotta tell me about the time you got into it with Alex Jones at the Laff Stop back in the day

Rob: (Laughs) He was there with Joe Rogan and some friends to see Joe’s set. We were hanging out in the back area with some friends, drinking as we did back then, when Alex starts spouting off his mess about Bush being behind 9/11 and how the government is going to start sending Christians to internment camps in the midwest. He had some dude filming all of this

me: wow. Internment camps for Christians, and in the Midwest of all places. So you were drinking a hurricane and were ready to put a stop to it?

Rob: Nah, it just built up to that. Basically i tell him that if he thinks that stuff he’s full of shit, they’re not rounding up Christians, and he calls me an idiot. I told him that he has the right to disagree with me, but you don’t get to call me and idiot because i’m not, and he goes into this sort of “attack mode” where he just yells over everything you have to say.

Me: Like a child.

Rob: Exactly. I tell him ‘ Don’t go and put me on your fucking stupid little website”, which he didn’t honor. He edited it to make me look like the asshole in this situation and put it up as “Alex Jones Nails a Sceptic”

me: Jesus. What was it like being a 20 year old stand up living in Deer Park like? You refer to that place in your act as the “Holy Land of White Trash”- was the place just so ignorant it lead you to tell jokes about it?

Rob: Not at all. Deer Park seemed like the place to leave. Deer Park then was just as Deer Park is now- bland, mundane, flooded with strip malls and fast food chains. If you wanted to even go see comedy you had to get the fuck out, and I did; to meet like-minded travelers. It was basically there to show you what a shitty town is like.

me: The most striking thing to me about your stand up is that no matter how big and loud you are on stage, nor how staunchly liberal your opinions are, audiences always seem to be on your side. I’ve actually seen you get on stage, and the first thing you said was ‘Sarah Palin is a cunt’. Finals of a contest, no less. Has anybody ever stood up during your set and gone ‘now wait just a goddamn minute?’

Rob: Well, everything I say onstage is done for an effect. When I say “Sarah Palin is a Cunt”- the effect is to make you laugh. At the end of the day, I’m not up there to soap box my ideas on liberalism, i’m there to make you laugh. I don’t care who you are, if you’re the most conservative christian in the world in a suit drinking red wine- you come see me, I’m gonna make you have fun. No matter who you are, audiences respect the funny, and that’s what it’s all about. As a matter of fact, the toughest crowd I ever got was at an Atheist convention.

me: No shit?

Rob: Yeah, it was brutal. Making them laugh was like pulling teeth. Everybody seemed to bring an attitude in the door with them, they had like a preceived notion of what is too offensive to laugh at. It’s like there was an invisible ghost in the room that commanded this prescence. The people in the crowd were almost afraid that if they were to laugh at something offensive, it might offend this ghost. When in reality, that ghost doesn’t fucking exist. The people that might be offended elsewhere aren’t in that room, so it doesn’t make a difference. Again, I’m there to make you laugh and have fun.

Me: Always. So you’re saying that political correctness is this elastic thing that fits someone’s perception of what they or others find uncomfortable?

Rob: I’d say that’s about right. And Sarah Palin is a cunt.

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