I Went to Disney World and now I’m a Marxist

As of about the second half of my life, as I exited childhood and entered adolescence, I developed an affinity for Liberalism, eventually finding my way to Marxism. The year was 2004, and the times were turbulent for all and frustrating for some. The Iraq War was in full swing, and an Ultranationalist fervor and Religious Revivalism swept the country. Bombs were dropped on Iraq and Afghanistan while Fox News anchors were praising fighter jets as if they were built by God’s hand. You couldn’t turn on the radio without some fool in a cowboy hat singing chart-topping hits about how we should put a boot up the ass of our enemies. The President who sent us to war to topple some random regime was a hero. Fox News was our moral support. We were told to pray to God for the death of our enemies, while country music provided the soundtrack to this morbid, Fascist Clusterfuck.
As ashamed as I was to admit it, I fell for it. I was a devout Christian with fond memories of going to a church camp with a water park. I was a Boy Scout who somehow managed to have a good time out in the woods, despite having the shit kicked out of me by other scouts. My parents who had brought me up required me to have an almost spiritual devotion to the blind patriotism and dogmatic religiosity of the time. However, it all changed when I was 12 years old and went to Disney World.
I couldn’t have been more excited when my mother told me where we were spending the next 5 days. I was going to enjoy some kind of idyllic, euphoric playground where all the pain and angst and confusion of childhood would be briefly relinquished. I was going to ride the iconic amusement park rides, of which so many box office hits were based on. (the motives behind such marketing allude me to this day) However, I hated it. I felt like cattle being herded through 2 hour lines to somewhat enjoy a nauseating ride on an oscillating tea cup. It bothered me that following let-down after let-down, I was forced to pass through a cavalcade of gift shops. I felt like less of a tourist and more like a walking cash register. I was disillusioned.
That feeling really stuck with me as I grew older and further to the left. Even at 12 years old, being far too young to piece together a sophisticated argument against my upbringing, I was left to question the ideas in which I was brought up. I had to wonder, why was Disney World so hyped up? Furthermore, why does this obscenely bloated vampire of a tourist attraction even exist while so many in America and abroad suffer? So many brave men and women in the Armed Forces couldn’t spend summer vacation with their families. Some would never get the opportunity to do so again. Iraq and Afghanistan were being carpet bombed on a weekly basis, so heavily that the “experts” can’t seem to agree on a precise figure of a death toll. About 2800 veterans die due to lack of healthcare a year on the richest country on Earth, while we at home were constantly being told to thank and praise them. What does it all mean? The religious fanatic, election-rigging President residing over all of this famously stated, “Rarely is the question asked, Are is our children learning?” Apparently not, with the moronic, sorry excuse for a value system that was inflicted upon us. For instance, that election year, the pundits smeared Senator John Kerry as being a “bookworm”, as if that’s somehow a bad thing.
Ten years later, an embittered Marxist, I read two things that really grabbed my attention, made me ponder further, and pissed me off all at the same time. Not only are there over 2 million individually animated hairs on Sully, the gratuitously detailed blue monster from Pixar’s Monsters Inc., but Pixar has yet to make a movie where they make off with any less than 150 million dollars. I became even more embittered. Why is it that in America, such massive and pointless undertakings are always being cooked up? It hurt my brain to imagine the countless throngs of animators and graphic design artists in their ranks. The sophistication of the technology. The relentless marketing. For what? So that a bunch of corporate swine can sell as many Mike Wazowski Happy Meal toys as they possibly can, thereby recruiting more Disney cash registers. They have run away with wheelbarrows full of our parent’s money and rode off into the sunset for nearly a century. Plato stated than in an oligarchy, citizens will eventually find their value systems based on dollar signs. I can’t help but wonder, which came first? The terrible value systems, or the god-awful oligarchy itself?
I’ve been told all my life by capitalists regurgitating, always verbatim, that Marxism “looks good on paper”. Maybe I’m crazy or delusional, but imagine, if you will, that this Multinational Mass Marketing conglomerate had instead the goal of feeding the poor, or resolving the crisis in the Middle East peacefully, or God forbid, granting America a National Health Service. That would require them to use their educations and “talents” and “creativity” to better humanity than to come up with the plot of the next Cars movie. Jesus, no wonder so many Disney Channel child stars grow up to do drugs and star in sex tapes.
I dream of an America with a moralistic big government that had the sense and authority to realize the moral obscenity that is celebrities being paid millions to lend their voices to talking cartoon lions. It’s an injustice that such a spectacle is not only an enduring legacy but an ever-expanding source of easy revenue while minimum wage is static. “Happiest Place on Earth” my ass, Australia has an atheist female Prime Minister, 16 dollar minimum wage, a minute amount of shooting deaths, and an NHS.
I’d like to watch as the giant castle in the Magic Kingdom is converted into a whimsical, over the top homeless shelter. I’d like to watch as Disney World becomes the Happiest free clinic on Earth.
The Disney Company has built its empire by providing its victims with an escape from the very bourgeois oppression on which it stands.